Senior Portrait Session - What to Expect

Your Senior Portrait Session

What to expect before, during and after your Session

by Bessie Young Photography

Eeek! You are a Senior! Now that you are a senior you are thinking about Senior Portraits…. But aren’t sure exactly how it all works or where to start….

Not to worry :) I have tried to make this process easier by answering some frequently asked questions. This will give you an idea of what to expect before, during, and after your senior portrait session.

If you have any questions or if you would like to book your Senior session you can email be at or use the contact me form that can be found here:


Thoughts and considerations BEFORE your session…

  • When do you need to have your Senior Portrait turned in to the yearbook staff at your school?  Many schools allow you to use your own senior portraits for the year book; however, there is a deadline. Check to see if this is an option for your school and if it is, what the dead line is. Schedule your session at least 3 months in advance of that due date.
  • How far in advance should you schedule your Senior Session: As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer my schedule begins to fill up fast. Schedule your session at least a few months in advance of when you would like to have them taken. This will make sure that you get the date and time you are looking for.
  • Where do you want your Senior Portraits taken? This one is one of the most important questions you are going to need to answer. Think about what you like and what fits you. Do you like rustic, urban, architecture, nature, country? What is your style? Do you like tall grass & fields?  Barns, fences, and sky?  Modern, downtown, and buildings?  Water, bridges, and trees?  Think about what you love and what is close and meaningful to you. This is the best place to take your pictures. If you need some ideas and suggestions I am happy to help.
  • How much will it cost?  You can find my prices here:

    Please note that the session fee is non-refundable and is due prior to your portrait session in order to hold your date and time. Prints and products are not included in the Senior session, but are available for purchase in my packages or my a’la carte menu.

    1. What should you wear?  Wear your favorite outfit (s). My suggestion is to wear your favorite outfit[s].  You can always bring something on the fancier side, the more relaxed side, and then either your cap and gown or your sports gear. Bold colors may be distracting and draw attention away from you.  Try to avoid bold colors, large prints, stripes, and patterns. Layers and accessories are key! Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and dress up like a princess :)
    2.  Wax on wax off? If you happen to wax make sure you get this done at least a few days ahead of time. The camera can and will pick up on the waxed area.  For Guys, it is always a good idea to shave the morning of your session (that is if you plan on or need to shave) . don’t forget to shave the morning of your session [unless you want that hair!].
    3. How should you wear your hair or do your makeup? I suggest getting your hair and makeup professionally done. This will not only be beautiful in the pictures but it will make you feel amazing. When you feel amazing the camera picks up on it! Now, with that being said if you don’t wear makeup then don’t! Be you. These images are meant to represent the true you and capture your beauty and the essence of you.



    What will happen DURING your session?

  • How long will it take? Depending on the packages and or session that you choose, plan on your session being 1-2 hours.
  • What will we do? Take pictures of course J . We meet at the location of your choice. I love to chat a little bit about the session and ideas I may have. We will also go over the model release and have you plus your parents sign the form. If you are nervous no worries! Believe me it can be awkward at first, but you will realize how much fun having your portraits really are! We walk around from spot to spot and take pictures. I will ask you to do something or stand a certain way and then we snap away. Don’t worry about what to do. I will help pose you, tell you where to look, etc. I absolutely love more natural photos as well. I always love getting candid shots and true laughter. Don’t worry, I have you covered!
  • How many outfits? Depending on your package you may have up to 3 outfits. Before we start photographing, we’ll talk about what clothing you brought…different clothing looks best in different settings.
  •  Bring a friend?  Please do! Sometimes it helps to have someone there to help you relax or laugh. I will be concentrating on your Senior session, but your friend is more than welcome to come.
  • What happens AFTER your session?

    1. When will your images be ready? Your images will be ready to view within 3 weeks of your Senior session.  I will post a couple sneak peeks on my Instagram page and Facebook page along with a blog post. You will get an email letting you know when you images are ready with a link to your own personal gallery. In this email it will also explain how to order prints, albums, and other beautiful products.
    2. What about copyright?   All images that are posted on line [Facebook, blog/website, and gallery] are watermarked and copyrighted.  I do give permission for you to use a photo for your profile picture, but please do not remove the watermark.  Photography is all about word of mouth. When posting a picture I would love if you were able to tag my business pages in your post. Thank you! :)
    3. When will your prints and products be ready?  Once I receive payment for the products of your choice I will order. They will be ready within 3 weeks of the final payment being received.

    How do you book a Senior Portrait session?

    1. To book your session email me at, or use the CONTACT ME form that can be found here: .  I am so excited and looking forward to working with you!
    2. Do you have more questions? Just send me an email or use the contact form.  I would love to talk to you about your session.
    3. Congratulations on being a senior or being a junior and looking at your senior year. This is a time that will go by so quickly. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your senior portraits and capture this fleeting moment in your life.

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    As always shine on. There is only 1 of you in this world and you are truly special!