10 Babies First Month Photo Ideas

10 Babies first month photo ideas

by Bessie Young Photography

  • Last belly shots before birth Lets face it, pregnancy isn't comfortable and most women do not feel the best during their last months of being pregnant; however, this may be the last time that you are pregnant. I urge you to take if not a lot, just a few photos of this time in your life. Get a shot of that belly before the little one arrives. Trust me, you will want to remember it.
  • The babies first moments or 'Fresh 48' Have someone take pictures within the first hours of your baby arriving into this world. There are photographers that document birthing. You can hire a birth photographer or just put someone on camera duty. Daddy, Grandma, or even nurses would love to be able to take these photos. Just make sure someone is there to snap away to document these moments. Read how to take your own newborn portraits
  • With Mama
  • Pictures last a lifetime. These pictures will be images you cherish FOREVER. Don't let yourself talk yourself out of being in photos with your precious new bundle of joy. Hand over that camera and get just a few shots of you and your newborn. You can also set up a tripod if you would rather. Most women don't feel their best after having a baby, but that shouldn't stop you. A few suggestions to make you feel better in the picture:

    • Lay down on your back and take the picture from above. Mama looking into the camera and crop the image at the chest.
    • Take the picture standing with the image cropped around the chest line.
    • Sit down on a stool with baby in your arms up around your chest. Crop the image right below the chest line
    • Have daddy sit down on a stool holding baby. Stand behind him (with no gap between you and him).Β  Arm should be on his shoulder and not pressed against your body. Remember to put all your weight on the hip farthest from the camera.
  • With Daddy
  • Men and babies truly melt women. Seeing a grown man fall in love with a tiny newborn is enough to melt a woman's heart. It is beautiful, wonderful, and all around priceless. Get that daddy in front of the camera, even if he doesn't want to.

  • With Siblings10 Babies first month photo ideas - by Bessie Young Photography There is really nothing quite like sibling photos. It may be difficult at times to get your little kiddo to hold still in order to get a picture of him/her with their new baby, but believe me it is worth all the effort you put out to get that shot.
  • Sleeping Many people forget to get the sleeping photos, but this is really one of the best times to get a picture. Whether it be the baby in the crib, or the baby in a basket, get the photos where your baby is sleeping. This is when they are the most peaceful and you can get some of the absolute best shots.
  • Funny faces 10 Babies first month photo ideas - by Bessie Young Photography Is there a face that your little one makes on a regular basis? How about yawning, or tiny little baby smiles? Don't forget to document these little things.
  • The Details
  • The details are what make your baby unique. Ideas for details are toes, lips, noses, hair, eyelashes, fingers, and lets not forget the wrinkles.

  • With special items Did Grandma make a blanket, Grandpa make a wooden toy, or Auntie buy a stuffed animal? These are perfect props to add to a photo.
  • Baby turns one month! Milestones are MUST photos. Get the one month, two month, six month, and year photos. You can always hire a photographer for these milestone shots. Most newborn and / or family photographers offer things called Milestone Packages.

    Now go out and get those pictures! Obviously this isn't a full list of images to capture more or less just something to get your creativeness going. For more ideas check out my Pinterest board here: https://www.pinterest.com/bessyoungphoto/newborn-portraits/

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