What you should expect.

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I do things a little bit different...

I love a variety of things and my photography style shows it.

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  • I want to capture those beautiful un-posed moments full of love and laughter. You know the raw intimate moments.

  • I want to get you that traditional posed shot that your parents and grandparents will want to print and hang on their wall.

  • I want to get the big landscape shots where you are a tiny human among the big ole world, because honestly that is really what we are.

  • I want to capture the shot and the moments you are looking for. If you want more guidance on how to stand, where to look, and so forth I can do that! If you want more of the candid raw moments, Awesome! I am here to capture your moments, your memories, your love, your everything.

  • I want to make sure that you are incredibly comfortable in front of the camera because lets be honest…. we don’t get our pictures taken every day.

This is all about you and your people. I love getting the traditional images, but within those images or poses we get all the good mushy candid shots like nose kisses, big smiles, messy hair, and so much more.

I love the perfectly posed shots mixed with a bit of real raw love. If you want a photographer to photoshop out all your wisdom and experience -sometimes referred to as wrinkles- on every photo so you only get ‘perfect shots’, then we might not be the best fit. Don’t misunderstand me though, I will absolutely do light editing for you. If you are just trying to find the cheapest deal then believe me when I say I am not that, but that is all ok! You deserve a photographer that will fit all your your needs and expectations.

Let’s capture your memories rather than just feeling obligated to ‘get your photos done’.


Are you wanting to hike 13 miles to the top of a mountain and get married with that epic view? Or maybe have your little ones hike in to that high mountain lake to get those amazing family photos?

Do you want to wear a black dress? Maybe go bar hopping before your wedding with your dress and shoes on? Wanna go backpacking in the desert to say your vows on the edge a big red rock overlooking Joshua trees? Want to go swimming in the ocean, or kayak to that super cool cove where no one else is? Do you want to dance around a campfire, under the stars, with a beer in hand?

Well lets freaking do that! Lets do exactly what you want to do!

It makes me so sad when people do things the way the ‘think they should’ do them. Screw that! These are your memories, your images, your moments. Let’s capture them the exact way you want to. Whatever it is that you want to do, whatever it is that makes your day feel like yours, that is what I want to do and I am here to help you through the entire process :)

I’m all about people breaking the rules and just doing things their way.
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Jordan and Brandon Yosemite Engagement Portraits by Bessie Young Photography 2018-29.jpg

Your life, your memories

need to be photographed in a way that is going to bring back all the feelings of that moment. All the love, the goosebumps, the big ole cheesy smiles. These photos are meant to be passed down. I want your grandchildren to look at them and those grandchildren’s grandchildren. I want them to feel all the love from the moment when they look at the images.


I want these images to mean something special to you.

I want them to speak
your truth, your love, your story.

because, honestly, what else is it about?

It’s actually really important that we are a good fit.


A Few Things You Should Know:

You deserve nothing less from your photographer.

It’s actually really important

Let’s be friends and take some pretty pictures together


Let’s Create Something Beautiful Together.

If I am being honest, I would rather you go with a different photographer that fits you in order for you to get the very best pictures possible. This is all about you and your life. Documenting those moments.

This is all about the experience. The experience that you have with your photographer is huge! If you love your photographer, the experience that they provided, then that is going to reflect in how you feel about your photos later.

I'm not trying to trick you into booking me. I want us both to be incredibly excited and the moment that we confirm our date we are doing a happy dance, in our PJ’s at home because we are so dang excited!

Let’s capture your adventure, your memories, those little moments together.