Sonora Portraits - Super Bowl Sunday

Sonora Portraits - Super Bowl Sunday

by Bessie Young Photography

Sonora Portraits - Abbie

Sonora, CA

February 7th, 2016

Super bowl is all about family, friends, football, laughter, food, and drinks. The men were in watching the Super Bowl while most the women were either in the kitchen preparing the BIG meal or outside enjoying the beautiful day. You could hear the cheers in the background from the team scoring a touchdown; however, there was a creative explosion happening in my head that I had to release. Abbie and I were discussing her beautiful golden locks and I just had to capture some images that would show off her gorgeousness! There is nothing better than Sonora Portraits, a gorgeous model, and beautiful weather.

Bonnie was the hair and makeup artist, while Abbie was my model.Β  Here are a few images of what we created:

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