Hey Friend!!!

Man, I am stoked that you are here. Starting a photography business is hard, running a photography business is hard, and being a creative can also be hard. We get so down on ourselves and our work. If we don’t have anyone to go to, sometimes this makes us spiral into a really bad state.

I 100% believe in Community over Competition. We are so much better together than against each other. I believe in helping each other, having a place to go to talk to like minded people, and really being able to work together.

I am an open book when it comes to my photography business. I want to help you in any way that you need help. We can talk about your business, your website, finding your style, editing, booking shoots, and so much more. Really, anything that you want to talk about I am here for you! This is your time!

Lets video chat, or meet up for some coffee or beer!

Ok so here are your options:


This is seriously one of the best and easiest ways to get connected. We will have a 90 minute session where we go over everything… and I mean EVRRRYYTHING that you want to go over. Anything you need help with.

Before we get on the call I will send you a questionnaire. This way we can save time and really dive into what is important to you and your business.

We can have a Skype session, Facetime, Google Hangouts, or just a simple phone call. I prefer having a video chat because it seriously makes it that much better!

Price: $450

Coffee + Shoot

This is similar to the online one only we get to meet up and have an awesome session! I mean can it get any better?

If you are looking for a full day of learning, expanding your portfolio, and getting a 1:1 session this one is for you. Basically, you can think of this as a halfway workshop :)

We will start off drinking coffee, getting to know each other, and getting all your questions answered. Seriously, this is for you! Anything you need help with, I am here to help you. After a couple of hours we will meet up with our models and head out for a shoot where you can build your portfolio and ask any questions that you might have when it comes to working with your clients.

Business Tips, posing, editing, workflow, social media, emails, website critique, portfolio critique… you name it. This time is meant for you and to really help grow your business.

Price: $1250


Fill out the form below and I will respond within 48 hours! Yay!!!

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