10 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn

10 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn

by Bessie Young Photography

  1. Safety First This probably goes without saying but make sure that the babies safety is number 1 priority. If you are trying a difficult pose or are using props make sure to have someone there to help you. When using props remember that compositing photos in Photoshop can be your best friend. Remember that this is an option and that alot of amazing images involving props is a composite. I have a more natural and organic style when it comes to newborn portraits so this isn't much of an issue for me. Here are a few simple props that I used that didn't need any compositing:
  • Timing Newborn portraits are best taken during the first 12 days of the baby being born. This way the baby still has the true newborn look. Newborns are most flexible during this time and absolutely love to be swaddled.10 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn byBessie Young Photography
  • Pace Yourself The best benefit of taking your own newborns portraits is the fact that you have time! You don't have to worry that you have to get the portraits done at 10 O'clock in morning on Saturday May 5th. You can wait until your little newborn is content and sleeping.Β  Remember that you just had a baby and you need to take time to rest and recover! Take time and keep everything at a low stress. You can take the portraits over multiple days. You do not have to take all your babies newborn portraits in one sitting :)
  • Lighting is Everything Lighting can make or break a photo. There is no need for fancy studio lighting to get this right. I am a natural light photographer and take all my newborn portraits with natural light coming through a window. Find a nice large window with beautiful natural light. If the light is a bit too harsh you can put a sheer white fabric over the window to diffuse the light a little. You do not want to have the picture to bright and the shadows too harsh. Look for a soft shadow under the babies nose to verify that the lighting is right. Also, don't be afraid to take your session outside! I have seen some absolutely amazing outdoor newborn portraits.
  • Space heaters are a must! Space heaters really allow to keep your baby happy, warm, and content along with keeping your electric bill low. If you do not have a space heater just make sure your room is nice and warm. Bump up that heat!
  • White Noise Ap The white noise ap on my phone is a true blessing. I absolutely love this ap. It helps eliminate any distracting sound and is nice and soothing. The white noise ap I have is for android and it is called the 'White Noise Baby'. It can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tmsoft.whitenoise.baby
  • Get those details The little details are what make your baby unique. Some details to remember are the babies tiny little nose, eyelashes, lips, fingers, toes, hair, ears, top of the head, belly button, fuzzy shoulders, and do not forget those wrinkles :) [envira-gallery id="3620"]
  • Get different perspectives Don't rush to change your set up or re-position your baby. Take a step back and look at different angles or perspectives that you could capture another image. Exhaust all the different angles and perspectives before you change the set up or the position of your baby. These images were all taken without moving the little beauty: Β 
  • Include siblings and yourself Some of the best pictures you can take of your newborn are the ones of siblings and family. It is difficult to get siblings into the image and I know how hard it is to get yourself in front of a camera but these are the pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime. These images are priceless and will be handed down from generation to generation. 10 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn By Bessie Young Photography 10 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn by Bessie Young Photography
  • Print those beautiful Pictures out! PLEASE for the love of all things print those photos out. You have taken the time to capture these beautiful images so use them! There is absolutely no substitute for the finished product printed up on the wall. Don't hide these images on your computer. Show them! A huge canvas printed in the entry way of your home is priceless. Make your house a home. Print your images, display them on the wall, and surround yourself with your most cherished moments.
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