Woodward Park Senior Portraits | Bianca

Woodward Park Senior Portraits | Bianca

Bessie Young Photography

June 6th, 2015

Bianca's Senior Portraits

Woodward Park


“The best way out is always through.”

Robert Frost


High school can be long, tough, and grueling; however, once we get though it we chuckle as we look back on the days and wonder 'why was that so hard?' When looking back we remember the good days of playing sports, hanging out with friends, passing notes in Spanish, and being carefree. Becoming a senior is a special kind of awesome. We are on the top of the world. Not knowing what is ahead of us, but somehow being excited beyond all belief. Senior portraits are one of those defining moments during our senior year. It reminds us that high school will soon be only a memory, and a memory we need to capture with photographs.


Bianca's senior portraits were taken at Woodward Park in Fresno, CA. The day was hot, the grass was dry, and the model was absolutely stunning.


Woodward Park Senior Portriats

We traveled throughout the park to three different locations with three different outfits. The first was at a beautiful bridge with the pond in the background. The sun started to go down which helped keep the day a little cooler. The second spot was in a wooded area filled with beautiful trees. For the third spot we went to the northerly side of the park to be around the oak trees and the creek.

Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-200Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-19Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-132This was a very special day for Bianca as her grandparents gave her the senior portrait session as her graduation gift. The whole family was there to celebrate Bianca's accomplishment.Woodward Park Senior PortriatsWoodward Park Senior Portriats - BessieYoungPhotographyWoodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotographyWoodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-85Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-96Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography fbWoodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-112Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography- 75 187Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-142Congratulations Bianca! Thank you for allowing me to take your senior portraits and be a part of your special day. You made my job easy by being so natural in front of the camera :) Best of luck in college!Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-176Woodward Park Senior Portriats_Bianca_BessieYoungPhotography-170