Sonora Country Family Portrait | The Jasmer's

Sonora Country Family Portrait | The Jasmer's

Bessie Young Photography


The Jasmer's Family Portraits

Sonora, California

October 11th, 2015


What an absolutely picture perfect family. Kristy and Seth were married back in 2001 and began growing their beautiful family shortly after. Now, only 14 years later they have two beautiful daughters and two handsome sons. It has been such a blessing to see this family grow. They are beautiful on the inside and out.Β  It is such a blessing to have this family in my life.

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Β Country Family Portrait Here are the two that started it all. Even after 14 years of marriage they still have that star struck look in their eyes. Their love for each other is overflowing.Sonora family portraitsThis is the the gorgeous Abbie. She is such a sweet and caring girl. It has come to a shock to me to think that she is 12! Time sure does fly by when you least expect it. She is now playing volleyball and basketball. Let me tell you, she is rocking it! Even with her sweet and a bit timid personality, she is a rock star on the court. Sonora family portraitsBrookie is a force to be reckoned with. She is fierce and feisty. She has a spunk and a love for life that overflows. Next year she will be able to start playing sports and I am sure, with all her energy, she will be be fierce.Sonora family portraitsGrady, aka Bud, is such a love bug. He is a bit quiet and shy, but surprisingly has a bit of an ornery side. Sonora family portraitsCody, also known as Co-Jo, takes after his bigger sister Brookie. Being feisty and full of energy he is definitely a boy in full. He loves to get dirty and be rowdy.Sonora family portraitsEach one of them are their own person, but together you can tell that they are related. What a cute bunch of kids right?Country Family Portrait Sonora family portraitsCountry Family Portrait Sonora family portraitsThe Jasmers 10.11.15 - Bessie Young Photography-17


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