Sonora Family Portrait | The Isley's

Sonora Family Portrait | The Isley's

by Bessie Young Photography


The Isley's Family Portrait

Sonora, CA

October 11th, 2015


It was a blast being able to take the Isley family portraits. Bonnie and Brent got together in 2002 and were engaged within 3 months. Let me tell you, their life hasn't slowed down since. They have grown their family to a family of 6 with Eli being the oldest and only boy. Their three little girls are Lyla, Daisy, and Cloey. Talk about a super cute family. This family is always full of spunk and constantly on the go; however, their busy life doesn't stop them from being together.

The Isleys 10.11.15 - Bessie Young Photography-14

Here are the two that started it all. In the matter of what seemed like days these two were married an on to start their new adventure together. With 4 kids, a few different houses, and starting a business Bonnie and Brent have sure been busy and on the go.

Bessie Young PhotographyThese four are so adorable and you can definitely tell that they are siblings. Eli has a big responsibility of being the oldest AND the only brother. Having to watch over three little sisters is going to be quite an adventure. Bessie Young PhotographyBessie Young PhotographySonora Family PortraitSonora Family PortraitSonora Family PortraitSonora Family PortraitLittle Daisy is such a sweetie. She is feisty, yet she is such a lovey little girl. You can tell with that twinkle in her eye that she is full of life and ready to take on the world. The Isleys 10.11.15 - Bessie Young Photography-4

The Isleys 10.11.15 - Bessie Young Photography-76This is Cloey. Talk about a little ball of fire. This little girl has a huge personality like no one I have ever met.Bessie Young PhotographyLyle, aka Birdie, is such a doll. She is quite and keeps to herself, but she can definitely hold her own. She knows what she wants, and I am sure she will get it with whatever it is in life that she decides to pursue.Bessie Young PhotographyA daddy and his girlsBessie Young PhotographySonora Family Portrait

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