5 Tips to Rock Your Family Portrait Session

5 Tips to Rock Your Family Portrait Session

by Bessie Young Photography

 It is that time of year again! The weather is getting cooler, the trees are changing colors, and you have scheduled your family portrait session in order to get those Christmas cards out :) As your session gets closer and closer you can't help but get a little nervous. For some people it is easy and for others it is absolutely terrifying. Not to worry! I want to make sure that you get the absolute best out of your session and that your images truly reflect you you and your family are. So, here as 5 tips on how to rock your session:

  • Share it all with me: This is hard, but pretty much mandatory. Don't worry when your baby cries, your little one is running wild, or you noticed dirt stains on knees. That is all ok. I can only capture your true self if you feel comfortable with me. Embrace the silly laughter and the cries. Embrace the bright moments and the moments of quiet vulnerability. As always, there is nothing for you to worry about , I will be guiding you throughout the entire shoot :)
  • Be Yourself and don't hold back:  You want to have beautiful images to hang on your wall. Images that show who your family truly is. Images that you can relate to. Don't act the way you feel you should act during a photo session. Just be yourself. The best images are where your truest emotions come out.
  • Wear what you want to wear: Wear something you feel confident in. Something that makes you feel beautiful and something that you are truly comfortable in. Whether that is a ripped up pair of jeans or a sequence skirt, you do you. Don't wear something that you are worried about. There is enough going on with the photo shoot, you don't need to be worried about your outfit as well. Again just be you.
  • Make a day out of it: Have a fun filled day. You aren't going to be your best self after a stress filled day full or running errands. Take it easy. Grab some lunch, go to the movies or the park, or just do something fun as a family. That may even be just sitting home and playing games. Whatever it is, have a fun day. Enjoy the day and enjoy your photo shoot. Let me see you bright and happy :)
  • Forget the fact that this is a "photo shoot": You are doing this for you. I am here to document your family. Forget the photos and focus on enjoying the moment with your family.
  • And for a little extra - DON'T STRESS and just have fun! : Your images will come out truly amazing if you let your worries go and don't stress out about it. Have fun! This time is for you and your family. This time is to document your family and have these images to last for generations to come. Just have fun and be yourself.
  • 5 Tips to Rock Your Family Portrait Session

    Now go out there and get those beautiful images taken feeling confident and knowing that you are going to Rock Your Session! If you haven't scheduled your session yet, don't fret! There is still time. After all it is only October. Make sure the schedule your session by emailing me at bessieyoungphotography@gmail.com or using this contact form.

    I hope to hear from you soon and see you in front of my camera :) And remember to print your images!! There is nothing like making a home as printing your family portraits and hanging them on the wall.

    Wishing you nothing but the best!