Exist In Photographs | Happy Mother's Day

Exist In Photographs | Happy Mother's Day

by Bessie Young Photography

Dear Mama's,

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are kind. You can move mountains. Motherhood is a choice that you make everyday to put everyone else first. To put another individuals  happiness and well being before your own.

Mama's have such a crazy kind of job. You are chefs, housekeepers, coaches, doctors, financial advisers, waitresses, designers, councilors, caregivers, investigators, teachers, and so much more. You are typically also the memory keepers and documenters. You are the one that is always documenting your little ones first steps, your family trips, graduations, birthdays, and more. Just remember that you too need to be documented in photographs for not only you, but for your children and their children. You deserve to be seen, cherished, and noticed. You too need to exist in photographs.

You are truly amazing! Happy Mother's Day!



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Happy Mother's Day by Bessie Young Photography


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Exciting News at Bessie Young Photography | Gift Cards Now Available!

Gift Cards Now Available

As you all now know my new website is up and running! The design is fresh and clean and I now have a shop with various prints available. That's right, A Shop! This has been such a long time dream of mine and I am so excited to share it with you all.

Along with a shop comes incredibly exciting news.... GIFT CARDS! I am so excited that gift cards are now available on my website and just in time for Mother's day!

These are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You can choose from 3 different designs, and the gift card will be shipped directly to you. These gift cards are valid for any portrait session with Bessie Young Photography. You can also purchase these as a gift for a wedding!

Fun ideas for Gift Cards:

Mother’s Day – Birthday – Valentines day – Christmas – Engagement Gift – Wedding Gift – Family Reunions – and so much more!


In order to purchase a gift card click the link below:


Bessie Young Photography Gift Cards - Display 3Bessie Young Photography Gift Cards - Display 2Bessie Young Photography Gift Cards - Display 1


If you have any questions about the gift cards please don't hesitate to ask. My pricing for sessions can be found here:



Wishing you nothing but wonderful adventures and beautiful days!





Floral clip art created by the fabulous Create the Cut. More of their beautiful creations can be found here: