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10 Makeup Tips for a Portrait Session:

1. Hire a professional: This is a time to spoil yourself J Pictures are an everlasting memory, so why not get your makeup professionally done? Now, this is easier said than done, since I have such a hard time letting anyone mess with my hair or face other than my sisters. If you don’t like the idea of professional makeup follow these simple makeup tips

2. Makeup should be applied in natural light: Sit in a room with natural light. This will help you see what your makeup will look like in a picture. Harsh bathroom lights or vanity lights give you a false representation of what your makeup will look like in real natural light.Bessie Young Photography - Fresno Portrait Photographer

3. Use matte colors: The matte makeup won’t reflect any light off of your skin. The reflection may make your face look oily. Matte makeup is easy to apply and to photograph.

4. Fill in those eyebrows: Many women do not fill in their eyebrows on a daily basis; however, it is a great idea to do for your portrait session. This is especially a good idea for blondes. Blonde eyebrows have a tendency to disappear in a photograph.

5. Trim your brows: This will help your eyes and face look much more polished and complete. Bonnie (pictured below) trimmed her brows for a nice finished look.

Fresno Portrait Photographer Bessie Young 1.jpg

6. Use powder: Once you finish your makeup use a setting powder to make everything matte. This will reduce the shine in the photograph which will cause your skin to look oily. It is even a good idea to take some powder with you for any needed touch ups throughout the session.

7. Eye lashes: False lashes can make a huge difference in a photograph. For a more natural look you can buy the individual lashes and apply them to the outer corners. This will help your eyes look fuller. Some people are very hesitant to add false lashes. If you choose not to use false lashes make sure that your mascara doesn’t clump. If you choose to opt out of the false lashes, use an eyelash curler to help your lashes stand out in the pictures. Summer (pictured below) is wearing fake eyelashes. It really does help :)Fresno Portrait Photographer Bessie Young 3

8. Mascara: Wear black! The black will bring out your eyes and really help them pop. Make sure that the mascara is evenly distributed and not clumpy. Kristy (pictured below) used mascara only and an eyelash curler.Fresno Portrait Photographer Bessie Young 1.jpg

9. Wear lip gloss: Lip gloss will help your lips look full. It will also help your lips not look dry and chapped. Dee (pictured below) has a little bit of lip liner and a touch of lip gloss. Fresno Portrait Photographer Bessie Young

10. Wear more vibrant colors: When it comes to lipstick, blush, and eye shadow wear a more vibrant color. Makeup always photographs lighter than in person.

On a side note, but still related: If you wax any portion of your face I would recommend waxing at least two days before your session. This will allow for any irritation to disappear.


Hope you all enjoyed!


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