Valentines Day Gift Guide for the Photography Lover

Valentines Day Gift Guide for the Photography Lover

by Bessie Young Photography

Valentines Day Gift Guide for the Photography Lover

Ahhh, it is almost Valentines day. That means spending time with loved ones, going out to dinner, and possibly buying gifts. Some people struggle on what to get a photographer or someone who loves photography in general. If you know a photographer, are dating one, or are married to one you might be at a loss of what to get them this Valentines day. Here are some fun gift ides, under $20 dollar gift ideas, practical gift ideas, and the go all out gift ideas.

For fun or home decoration:

1 - Gift Cards to Bessie Young Photography Shop:

These are perfect for an art/photography lover. You can get them for any dollar amount and they are good for all the prints in my shop as well as a portrait session.

Gift Certificates - Bessie Young Photography

2 - Landscape prints

Go All Out with Camera Gear:

Has your honey been wanting new equipment? Here as some amazing cameras that are a must:

  1. Sony A7rii
  2. Canon 5d mk iii
  3. Canon 1d
  4. Canon 5d mk iv
  5. Sony a6500

If you need more gear ideas check out this blog post about some of the most popular digital cameras and lenses of 2016.

Practical Gifts:

1 - Reflectors

2 - SD Cards

3 - Tripod

4 - Camera Bag

5 - Convertible Fingerless gloves and mittens



Under $20:

1 - A funny T-shirt


So lets just say photographers have incredibly long days and nights. This means probably a little too much caffeine is consumed. With that, every photographer needs an amazing mug for their coffee or tea. Check these out:

The Lens mug is a must! I have seen so many photographers with this mug. Talk about amazing!

An editing mug. Editing, editing, editing.... it seems like us photographers spend more time editing then actually taking pictures.

Oh Snap! Who wouldn't want this one?











I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and hopefully it will help with making your shopping a tad bit easier!

Wishing you all nothing but love and happiness!



Valentines Day Gift Guide for the Photography Lover