Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day

from Bessie Young

anyone can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad - Anne Geddes

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Dads are truly special people. They really do it all no matter their occupation. At home they are:

Teachers - teaching us right from wrong

Doctors - to fix those skinned up knees

Athletes - to teach us how to throw a ball

Providers, Guidance councilors, therapists, and so much more.

Dads truly are amazing. They sacrifice so much for their family.

Happy Father's Day by Bessie Young

This is my dad. A person that I wouldn't know what to do without. He has been there for me through thick and thin and is always a listening ear. No matter when I talk to him he is always encouraging me and helping me to be a better person. Every once in awhile, out of no where, and on days that I need it the most, I will get a special text with the kindest most motivating words. It is like he knows! :) Dads are truly special and I am so lucky to have this man to call my dad.

Happy Father's Day by Bessie Young

Wishing you all an amazing Father's day!


Happy Father's Day by Bessie Young


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