Clovis West Senior Portraits - Diana - Fresno Photographer

Clovis West Senior Portraits


by Bessie Young Photography

Ohhhh myyyy gosshhhhhh!!! All I have to say is that this girl is absolutely amazing!

Diana reached out to me via Instagram to get her portraits taken while she was in town traveling from her home in New York! How cool is that?! All I can say is that it was just meant to be.

Since Diana was visiting from out of town she wasn't quite sure where to go to get her portraits taken. After asking a few questions we decided that Clovis West was the absolute perfect place to go. It was close to where she was staying and had that total city vibe that she was looking for.

I absolutely love when my girls ask for suggestions on where to get their pictures taken. Don't ever be afraid to ask your photographer for suggestions because guaranteed they have some pretty freaking cool spots to go :)

We met up at Clovis West for a sunset portrait session in order to get that beautiful golden light. Diana is one of the easiest people to get along with. She is outgoing, spunky, and a total girl boss! Her smile is absolutely contagious, and can we just stop for a moment and admire her hair? Talk about total hair goals :)

The session went until sundown and just a bit after because we lost track of time and were having so much dang fun! Thank you so much Diana for reaching out to me to be your photographer. It was such an absolute blast! You have so much talent and you are the absolute sweetest! I know you will do great things!

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Wishing you all nothing but the best,


P.S. wanna know what gear I used? Check it out here: Kit Used: Camera: Sony A7Rii: Favorite Lens: Sony FE 24-70 F2.8 G Master: Best Wide Angle: Sony 16-35mm lens: Vanguard Tripod:

Filming: LG G3 Smart Phone

Editing & Processing: Bulk editing: Adobe Lightroom: Fine tuning: Adobe Photoshop : Viva Video Pro for combining videos