Wedding Day Timeline Example

Wedding Day Timeline Example

Ok you got engaged, first of all congratulations!!! How freaking exciting! Buttt…. now what? Now it is time to start your planning, but you have no idea where to begin. It’s ok girl! I am totally here for you :)

I have created a free wedding day timeline for you. Yay! This timeline has two different versions within it. The first being where your wedding has a ‘first look’ and the second being a traditional wedding where you don’t see your groom until you walk down the isle. Either way is awesomesauce; however, they are 100% different when it comes to the timeline and taking pictures.

The ideal wedding day timeline by Bessie Young Photography - Free Downloadable guide to a wedding day timeline

This timeline was created from the photographers perspective (ie me!) . This way you can see the amount of time that is needed in order to capture all the images that you want. It will also help you decide if you want a first look, how much time you need for those family photos, if you want to have the ‘getting ready shots’, and so forth.

So what are you waiting for? Get your example wedding day timeline and get to planning you wedding! I am just so dang excited for you!

Wishing you nothing but beautiful days and fun wedding planning!


p.s. are you are the search for a photographer? Send me a message and lets chat! You can also check out my experience page first to see what I’m all about and if we would be a good fit. Hope to hear from you soon!

Wild Mountain Elopement Featured on Wedding Chicks!

Bessie Young Photography was featured on Wedding Chicks!



Wild Mountain Elopement

Featured on Wedding Chicks!

It is officially official! The Wild Mountain Elopement Stylized photoshoot was featured on Wedding Chicks! You guys this is huuuggeeee! I am beyond excited to tell you guys about this. You guys can see the full story, blog post, and feature on Wedding Chicks here.

I can't even begin to explain how awesome this really is. It means so incredibly much to me and my business; however, this entire stylized shoot and feature wouldn't have been possible without some amazing Women owned Small Businesses.

Plus, now that I know it was featured I can share all the images with you! Get ready for a long blog post all about the behind the scenes of getting this stylized shoot planned out and done.

Thank you to the creative team that put in hours to make this shoot happen. To each and every one of you that collaborated with me to make this shoot possible... Thank you! You all mean so much to me and I truly appreciate your help, collaboration, vision, and value. Each of you deserve this feature. Your work is truly amazing. 

Model: @lizp559    Dress: @littleblackdressfresno
Hair: @hairbybridgetmonte     Bouquet: @botanique_floral_artistry
Jewelry @mintjewelryco     Location: @shaverlake_ca
Photographer: @bessieyoungphotography

You can also find all the vendors/ creative team at their websites:

  1. Flowers: Botanique Floral Artistry
  2. Hair, Makeup & Beauty: Hair by Bridget Monte Coccolati Salon
  3. Jewelry: Mint Jewelry
  4. Bride & Groom: Liz & Ryan
  5. Photographer: Bessie Young
  6. Wedding Dress: Little Black Dress Boutique

Thank you so much to Wedding Chicks for the feature! To be honest, I have no words to express how excited I am and how thankful I am.


p.s. Are you looking to elope? I would absolutely love to be considered to be your photographer. You can always contact me using this contact form. I hope to hear from you soon!

Bridal Couture Magazine Feature | I'm in Print

Bridal Couture Magazine Feature

I'm in a printed magazine!!!


About mid July I received an email from Mira at Bridal Couture Magazine. It was probably one of the best emails a photographer could get. 'I would love to feature your wedding'! Reading these words was nothing but sweet. A thrill came over me knowing that my images were going to be in a printed magazine. Goosebumps ran up and down my arms.

Getting Featured

Being featured in a magazine or blog is no small feat. You see, there are thousands of photographers submitting their images to be featured; however, only a select few actually get the pleasure and joy of being featured, especially in a printed magazine.

Now, one of the requirements to be featured is that you do not share the images on your blog until you know that you were or weren't featured. This was one of the hardest things for me to do. After this wedding I was so incredibly excited that I wanted to share the images with the world; however, I had to find my patience and wait. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

I am on page 45 and 46 of the Bridal Couture Magazine! Can you believe it? How incredibly awesome is that?!!

My emotions are quite high, and I cannot get over how giddy I am about this feature. Thank you so much for Bridal Couture Magazine for featuring this wedding and thank you so much to Skye and Robert for allowing me to be your photographer.

Now that I was able to share this amazing news with you, I will be creating a blog about Skye and Robert's gorgeous wedding. I hope you all had a fantastic week and have a wonderful weekend!


Wishing you all nothing but the very best!


Bridal Couture Magazine Featured in Print Bessie Young Photography.jpg

Cherry Blossom Wedding Stylized Shoot - Blooming Camp Ranch - Oakdale California

Cherry Blossom Wedding Stylized Shoot

Blooming Camp Ranch - Oakdale, California

by Bessie Young

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

The weather called for a massive storm, rain and snow in the low country... and we were scheduled to have our beautiful Cherry Blossom Wedding stylized shoot at Blooming Camp Ranch in Oakdale. There was going to be high winds and thunder storms throughout the valley and foothills. As I drove to Oakdale I could see the clouds start rolling in. Will it rain, thunder, and lightening? We made the call earlier in the week that we were going to make this happen. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and we just couldn't let that pass us by.

 In order to put this gorgeous stylized session together a group of 8 small business women decided to take advantage of the weather and the gorgeous orchard blossoms. Rosie at Save the Date Events did an amazing job putting this entire stylized shoot together. She was the heart and soul behind the entire day. I am so very glad we were all able to make it happen and incredibly thankful that she asked me to be the photographer.

The weather, the gorgeous blossoms, and all the beautiful women made for the perfect stylized session. Could you imaging having your wedding here while the trees are blooming?! Talk about perfection.

Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young

All Vendors involved:

Event Coordinator: Save the Date Events

Hair: Sheree Fraser Makeup

Makeup: Heather Johnson

Salon: Flawless Hair and Makeup Design

Model: Mckensey Middleton

Paper Goods: Lauren London Design

Cake: Lila and Sage

Venue: Blooming Camp Ranch

Photographer: Bessie Young Photography


Thank you ladies for the amazing day and beautiful set up! You all did such a wonderful job, and the pictures came out amazing only because of all your true talent.

If you guys enjoyed this post make sure to subscribe to my blog in order to get updates on when I post something new :)

Wishing you all a beautiful day,


Bloomingcamp Ranch, Oakdale California Stylized Shoot 2017 - Bessie Young Photography-3 Bloomingcamp Ranch, Oakdale California Stylized Shoot 2017 - Bessie Young Photography-3 Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Wedding Hair Idea - bessie young photography Wedding Makeup Idea Bessie Young Photography Romantic Orchard Wedding by Bessie Young Photography Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Bloomingcamp Ranch, Oakdale California Stylized Shoot 2017 - Bessie Young Photography-3 Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Wedding Place Setting - Bessie Young Wedding Place Setting - Bessie Young Wedding Place Setting - Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Wedding Suite Calligraphy Idea - Bessie Young Photography Grey Wedding Cake Idea - Bessie Young Photography Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Purple and Grey Wedding Idea - Bessie Young Photography Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet Bessie Young Photography Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet Bessie Young Photography Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Wedding Makeup Idea Bessie Young Photography Wedding Makeup Idea Bessie Young Photography Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Wedding Makeup Idea Bessie Young Photography Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Wedding Hair Idea - Bessie Young Photography Tulle Wedding Dress Idea by Bessie Young Photography Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young Cherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie YoungCherry Blossom Wedding by Bessie Young

P.S. wanna know what gear I used? Check it out here: Kit Used: Camera: Sony A7Rii: Favorite Lens: Sony FE 24-70 F2.8 G Master: Best Wide Angle: Sony 16-35mm lens: Vanguard Tripod:

Filming: LG G3 Smart Phone

Editing & Processing: Bulk editing: Adobe Lightroom: Fine tuning: Adobe Photoshop : Viva Video Pro for combining videos


Prints Matter | Is printing your images outdated?

Prints Matter

by Bessie Young Photography

There is just something magical about printed pictures. I can't stress it enough, get those pictures printed. This way you see them, feel them, and and know that you experienced it. Don't hide them away on your computer. Show them to the world!


Whether we like it or not we live in a digital age. It wasn't very long ago that I was using film and working in a dark room instead of a digital camera and a laptop. The only way you could even see an image was by looking at the negative or printing it out. Remember bringing your film into your local photo store to get your images printed? Most weddings photos and family memories were printed on 4x6 photo paper and placed in a photo album, hung up on your wall, or placed in a beautiful frame.

When digital cameras came around I was upset. I won't lie. I refused, and I mean absolutely refused, to buy a digital camera. My parents were telling me that I needed to let it go and purchase one; however, I was like 'oh heck no, I take real pictures!' Well eventually I broke down and purchased a digital camera and I am sooooo glad I did :) ; however, with digital images I found myself storing my photos away on my computer and never getting them back out. I was taking so many pictures on vacations, holidays, and family get togethers yet I found myself taking my SD card, downloading the images onto the computer, and then never touching them again. Why? I was busy... I would get to it eventually... and it wasn't that big of a deal... but it WAS a big deal and it IS a big deal. My walls in my home were bare and I had nothing to show for all the fun trips, holidays, and loving friends and family that I have in my life. Can you relate?

So I have been dedicated to print my pictures and show them to the world!


Now days, with all the social media and digital cameras, we have pictures on our phones, computers, Facebook, and Instagram pages... so why would we need printed pictures or albums?

There is a big reason I include albums and prints in my wedding packages and albums as an option for my family portraits. Just stop and think for a moment of your favorite photograph growing up.... guaranteed it was a printed one. Think about all the pictures that you have from your childhood. Think about all the family albums that you were able to look through of your grandparents wedding, your parents wedding, and all the fun family trips. These are all physical objects that link you to your past and helps you see your families past. This is why you need printed pictures.

As many of you know, if you follow me on Instagram, I am a huge advocate for printing pictures (hence this blog post). During my initial consultation with clients I encourage them to think about printed images and albums. Think about these things as family heirlooms that you will be able to pass on from generation to generation. Digital pictures are fantastic to have, but prints are where it matters. When you get images on a burned disc you shove them away and forget about them. Every so often you may bring that disc out, but what happens when the disc is corrupt? All your images get lost. What happens when technology makes discs a thing of the past? (remember floppy discs?)  Your images get lost. What happens when that disc gets scratched or cracked? What happens when your computer fails? You get where I am going here right? This is why you need printed pictures.


Prints Matter by Bessie Young Photography


When your grandchildren are going through your belongings don't you want them to be able to look through beautiful old images of your life rather than looking at a disc or USB wondering 'What the heck is that?' The printed images will have become a treasured family heirloom rather than a disc that ends up in the trash can.

Digital files are for now. Prints are for you and the next 3 generations. Prints give your photos life! Hard drives bury images.

Prints are an investment and a wise choice. They are a gift that you will be leaving your children, their children, and their children's children. Prints aren't an outdated choice for the modern digital world. They are a necessity to document your life, hang up on your wall, and provide memories for your family. This is why you need printed pictures.

Maybe you haven't printed your images because aren't positive on what size print you would like or how it would look in your room. There are some pretty cool websites out there that actually have a way to show you what your picture will look like on your wall. Check this one out:

Here is an example one room display that I used, via the website above, with an image from a newborn session:

prints matter by Bessie Young Photography

Then there is always Pinterest! Here is a neat board I found with all sorts of display ideas:

I choose to print my pictures at one of the top premier printing companies. I want nothing but the best for my customers and with that I want their images to last for years and years to come. Many times when you order your prints from say Walmart, Staples, CVS, or online, the color will be off. It may look yellow or a bit orange. This is due to the quality of printers, inks, and papers. Your images will be printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper for Lustre paper. It has an increased color gamut, excellent flesh reproduction, sharpness, and brilliant image quality. The Lustre coating provides protection from fingerprints and slight scratches as well as provides a slightly matte appearance to your prints.These prints are meant to last for over 100 years in a typical home display (meaning the color won't begin to fade).

Hopefully, your take away is that Prints Matter! Leave your opinion in the comments below! I would love to hear what your thoughts and ideas.



If you are interested in purchasing nature images for your wall come check out my shop here:

Exciting News at Bessie Young Photography | Gift Cards Now Available!

Gift Cards Now Available

As you all now know my new website is up and running! The design is fresh and clean and I now have a shop with various prints available. That's right, A Shop! This has been such a long time dream of mine and I am so excited to share it with you all.

Along with a shop comes incredibly exciting news.... GIFT CARDS! I am so excited that gift cards are now available on my website and just in time for Mother's day!

These are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You can choose from 3 different designs, and the gift card will be shipped directly to you. These gift cards are valid for any portrait session with Bessie Young Photography. You can also purchase these as a gift for a wedding!

Fun ideas for Gift Cards:

Mother’s Day – Birthday – Valentines day – Christmas – Engagement Gift – Wedding Gift – Family Reunions – and so much more!


In order to purchase a gift card click the link below:

Bessie Young Photography Gift Cards - Display 3Bessie Young Photography Gift Cards - Display 2Bessie Young Photography Gift Cards - Display 1


If you have any questions about the gift cards please don't hesitate to ask. My pricing for sessions can be found here:


Wishing you nothing but wonderful adventures and beautiful days!





Floral clip art created by the fabulous Create the Cut. More of their beautiful creations can be found here: